Charlotte BHRT Locator® is the largest Bioidentical Hormone Doctors Directory for the Charlotte, North Carolina Metropolitan area.

Welcome to the Charlotte BHRT Locator®, the largest Charlotte, North Carolina Bioidentical Hormone Doctors Directory! The medical professionals featured here offer specialized (BHRT) Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy programs for both men and women in the Charlotte Metropolitan area. Find a Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy specialist near you in North Carolina today.

Charlotte Bioidentical Hormone Doctors provide hormone balancing and optimization programs to help relieve many symptoms and conditions related to hormone decline as part of the natural aging process. You may also benefit from natural hormone replacement therapy if you suffer from a thyroid disorder or sexual dysfunction.

Charlotte BHRT Locator® is dedicated to helping you find a local Hormone Replacement Specialist who will help you optimize your hormone levels with (BHRT) Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy.

How to Use the Charlotte BHRT Locator®

Locate Charlotte Bioidentical Hormone Doctors in your area today to schedule a consultation and learn more about the many benefits of (BHRT) Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy. Be sure to take the time to read through several of the doctors profiles to learn more about the individual physicians featured on Charlotte BHRT Locator®. This is your opportunity to discuss your specific symptoms and choose a local Charlotte bioidentical hormone doctor who will be a good fit for your specific needs and health goals.

We created this directory of Charlotte Bioidentical Hormone Doctors because we believe a strong doctor-patient relationship is essential to healing. All of the medical professionals found on this directory pride themselves in providing personalized patient-centered care. One way they do this is by asking you to describe your hormone imbalance symptoms in detail as well as how each symptom affects your quality of life. We think you will feel pleasantly surprised when a qualified integrative doctor actually takes the time to listen to you.

The physicians listed on Charlotte BHRT Locator® choose to offer Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy because they believe it is the best tool to help make a lasting difference in their patients’ lives. Choose from a selection of quality local Charlotte Bioidentical Hormones Doctors serving patients in the Charlotte-Concord-Gastonia metropolitan area today!

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Gretchen Reis, M.D.

2550 W. Arrowood Road, Suite 106

Charlotte North Carolina 28273

Phone: 800-775-4902 Ext. 256

Gretchen Reis, M.D. – Charlotte BHRT Doctor

Gretchen Reis, M.D. practices anti-aging and preventative medicine at BodyLogicMD of Charlotte, where she employs customized wellness programs designed to help both men and women suffering from the effects of menopause, andropause, and other hormone imbalances to achieve a better life. Her multi-faceted approach includes nutrition and fitness regimens, pharmaceutical-grade supplements, stress reduction techniques, and Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy; when combined, this approach helps to ensure her patients enjoy restored energy, mental clarity, and the highest quality of life possible. Dr. Gretchen Reis is board-certified in family medicine and is a member of BodyLogicMD, a national network of highly-trained physicians specializing in Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy.

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The Center for Wellness

1258 Mann Drive

Matthews North Carolina 28105

Phone: 800-775-4902 Ext. 731

Mark O’Neal Speight, M.D. – Matthews NC Bioidentical Hormone Doctor

Matthews NC Bioidentical Hormone Doctor Mark O’Neal Speight, M.D. at The Center For Wellness has almost 20 years of experience practicing medicine. Dr. Speight strives to help you achieve optimal health and hormone balance through a preventive, nutritional, and environmental approach to medicine. He offers the most advanced solutions to 21st century health challenges while maintaining focus on his patient’s individual and unique needs. He gives each individual respect, compassion, and the confidentiality they deserve. Dr. Speight aims to optimize disease prevention through an ongoing dedication to uncovering the most innovative and validated therapies in medicine, including Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy. Through years of determined research and collaboration with nutritionists, physicians, and researchers from all over the world, his goal has been and remains: to provide advanced medical solutions of the highest caliber in solving the complex health disorders of our time.

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Premier Wellness Center

1635 Matthews Township Pkwy

Matthews North Carolina 28105

Phone: 800-775-4902 Ext. 722

Kristen Spratt, F.N.P. – Matthews NC Bioidentical Hormone Specialist

Matthews North Carolina Bioidentical Hormone Specialist Kristen Spratt, F.N.P. is the founder of Premier Wellness Center, an integrative and family medicine practice. She has treated hundreds of women and men with natural hormone replacement therapy and has over 10 years of experience treating patients. She truly understands the symptoms of hormonal imbalance, as well as the concerns you face regarding your long-term health. Her mission is to take the time to answer your specific questions and to help you understand your personal hormone status. She works hard to provide premier care to bring each of her patient’s hormones back to balance. She is passionate about whole foods, hormones, and health habits. She believes in educating her patients so they become empowered to transform their lives.

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Dr. Scott Shapiro

6640-G Old Monroe Rd.

Indian Trail North Carolina 28079

Phone: 800-775-4902 Ext. 148

Scott Shapiro, M.D. – Indian Trail NC Bioidentical Hormone Doctor

Specializing in Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) for both men and women, Dr. Scott Shapiro has been in practice for over 20 years, assisting patients in improving their health and well-being. As a Bioidentical Hormone Doctor in Indian Trail, North Carolina, Dr. Scott’s goal is to provide personalized care, tailored to meet each patient’s unique set of needs. As the body ages, hormone levels begin to diminish, altering specific hormone receptor cells, and causing them to become less sensitive and more resistant to hormones. Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy allows Dr. Scott to help his patients supplement deficient hormones and correct latent imbalances. Dr. Scott deeply values open and honest communication with his patients, listening closely to their concerns, while providing a safe, effective treatment program based on the most cutting-edge advances in Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy available today.

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